Music Production Coaching

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Mix Coaching

If you’re having trouble getting your mixes to a point where you are comfortable putting them out, let’s dive into your mix together and explore ways in which you can develop your skills via online mix coaching. Sessions are conducted via Skype with a high quality audio stream from your DAW to me so I can give you real-time feedback and take you through best practices as you apply them.


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    There are many music production/mixing coaches online. This one stands out from the rest. Chris has a knack for presenting information in a concise way. After a coaching session, I felt inspired to get into the fundamentals and make much better mixing and mastering decisions. Now I follow unlockyoursound discussion page, which is always informative and helpful. Chris also has great youtube tutorials!

    Adam Daudrich

Logic Pro Training

My DAW of choice for about 12 years or so and Apple Certified in Logic Pro 9. I use Logic Pro X daily for my own productions and for client masters.

I cater to all levels. My hands-off, lead learning approach to teaching is all about you and your goals. Reverse engineering them into learning the tools and workflows that are relevant to you and what you are making.

Sessions conducted over Skype with a high quality audio feed from you to me.

Mastering Tuition

If you’re struggling to create masters that translate, we can connect over Skype and I can come in on your mastering project and give you instant advice as to how to move forward. Via a high quality audio stream from your DAW to me, I can judge your mastering skills objectively in the same space I use to do my own mastering.

About Me

chris carvalho mastering engineer
Christopher Carvalho – Mastering Engineer

My lead learning, hands-off approach to coaching is all about YOU and YOUR goals.

First Class Honours In Music Technology

Apple Certified Logic Pro Trainer

Online Course Instructor

Free Mix Review

It can be hard to judge your mix objectively, especially when it’s your own production! However, getting a mix review from an objective set of ears can be a huge help!


£50 per hour / £100 for 3 hours / £175 for a whole day