Logic Tuition

Logic Pro is a big app. Having said that, it only takes a handful of features to really accelerate your Music Production game.

However, any decent producer will tell you that having the tech is not enough by itself. The value is in knowing how to use it. This is why training is essential.

On-Site/Home Tuition

If you would like to book me for on-site/home Logic Pro tuition, please feel free to call on +447846599474 or email [email protected]

Remote Tuition

I am currently offering Logic Pro training to anyone from every corner of the world via video call (Please note I am only English speaking). All you need is to have a Mac and an internet connection!

My basic rate for single hour long session is £50. Which you can order easily and securely by clicking the PayPal button below. I also offer 3 for the price of 2, giving you 3 hours worth of training for £100.

Upon order, I will introduce myself over email and we’ll begin to get to know each other from there.

After I’ve got to know a bit about where you are with Logic, we will begin careful planning of our session, therefore minimising any technical issues that could impact the quality of the session itself. I will then likely ask you some questions about your existing setup.

On the unlikely event that technical difficulties occur during the our time together, I will gladly compensate with extra session time and further support.

If you have a specific question, or would like to make an inquiry before placing an order, please get in touch. 



“Why Logic?”

I have been happily using Logic for some years now, therefore it’s the one I teach on. However, I do strongly believe in getting the most out of what you know and prioritizing the process of making music over endlessly fussing over which tech is best to use. Having said that, I believe Logic Pro to be by far the best value-for-money DAW for Mac out there.

“Do you train other DAWs?”

I used to use Cubase, Reason, and FL Studio back in the day. However, at this point in time I honestly feel that you could get better training for those apps elsewhere. Logic happens to be the one I know most thus I am Apple Certified.

“What if I need more time?”

I will happily quote for longer sessions. Simply send me a message with your requirements and I will respond with a quote.

“What happens after the session?”

Anyone who buys my products gets added-value support over email on an ongoing basis. Our session together will be just the beginning of your Logic Pro journey.

“How will the session be conducted?”

Prior to our booking, I will make arrangements with you to make sure you have the best experience possible. I am very flexible as to which technologies are used for us to communicate. (Skype, FaceTime, Hangouts etc.)

“How much does this cost?”

My single 1-hour session pricing is £50, which you can order easily using the blue button above. Otherwise, please enquire for more pricing.