Mixing And Mastering

Audio Engineering Tailored To Your Vision

Pay When You Are Happy

…and ONLY when you are happy!

When your mix and/or master is ready for your feedback, I will send you a link to listen to a high-bitrate mp3 for your listening. I will happily make any necessary revisions until you are loving what you are hearing. 

When I get the green light from you, an invoice will be sent out, and the master will be delivered to you via download link on receipt of payment.

Per Song Pricing

  • £35 Mastering From A Stereo Mixdown*
  • £100 Mixing From Tracks**
  • £125 Mixing And Mastering From Tracks

*A stereo mixdown is a stereo bounce (24 bit .wav file or higher) of an existing mix ready for mastering. 

**Please note that the above pricing assumes that no editing is needed on the tracks such as vocal tuning or timing issues. We are more than happy to quote for editing also. Please enquire. We also assume that your song is under 10 minutes long and is made up of 32 or less audio tracks. We are more than happy to quote for larger orders.

Any Currency Accepted Via Paypal

Please enquire below for further pricing including albums and other large orders

When you buy mixing and mastering from me, the mixing will be handled by a member of my team before being passed through me for mastering. This allows me to master the mix objectively, which in turn gives you a higher quality product. 

This streamlined process means less back-and-forth for you as I can judge the mix objectively before I master it.

Who we are

At this point in my career, I am an experienced Audio Engineer, Producer, and Music Technologist. I am highly educated in all things audio including a First Class Honours Degree in Music Technology.

My team and I always strive to do what’s best for the song including editing, level management, tonal balance, separation, dynamics, loudness, imaging, and everything else that contributes to the quality of the end-product.

As a mastering engineer, I am always on the pulse as to the loudness normalisation practices of today’s listening platforms. This means I know what is necessary to optimise your music for consumption in today’s digital world.

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