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  • " Chris promotes an open and artistic working relationship and really worked with our band to achieve exactly what we needed for our masters.

    He was more than happy to accommodate back and forth with final mix and master, which was vital and something we've never been offered with anyone else.

    The final masters were bang on. He's also a lovely bloke!

    David Ledger
  • " Fantastic service & excellent value!

    Chris from unlockyoursound , masters all my official release's .

    I don't trust anyone else with my music productions ... this is my one stop shop for mastering !

    Greg Mitchinson
  • " The service Chris provides for mastering is quite simply outstanding. I have used 3 other professional mastering companies in the past, 2 which are some of the most well known for electronic music, I can honestly say the quality of the work done by Chris at unlock your sound is by far way superior.

    The conversation between us was clear, professional, pleasant and Chris was very accommodating to any questions i had throughout the whole process. He was very easy to deal with even when my tweak requests may have become annoying to some. The end result was nothing short of excellent and up there with those at the top of their game.

    I will be going back for more when my tracks are ready and telling anyone who needs the service to use Chris from now on.

    Dean Edmenson

What is Mastering?

To fully understand what mastering is, one should understand what a master is.

A production master is the copy from which all copies are derived from.

If you are using an online distributor, they will need the master(s), which they push to the various stores and platforms.

These masters can consist of simple wave files or as a single DDP master for CD replication.

My job is to make sure those masters translate.

What’s included in this service?

Initial consultation and mix review

Any necessary audio processing such as EQ, Dynamics, and Limiting

Authoring to final production master(s)

Embedding of ISRC on request

DDP on request

Gaps, Fades, and Sequencing (Albums and EPs)

Free Mix Feedback

If you’re not sure if you need mixing, mastering, or both, but you need a set of ears over something, please feel free to send it to me for a Free Mix Review. It might be a recording, a mix, or anything you need a fresh perspective on.

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