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What is Mastering?

To fully understand what mastering is, one should understand what a master is.

A production master is the copy from which all copies are derived from.

If you are using an online distributor, they will need the master(s), which they push to the various stores and platforms.

These masters can consist of simple wave files or as a single DDP master for CD replication.

My job is to make sure those masters translate.

Mastering is a service, not a transaction

The goal of mastering is to achieve the best and most optimal production master with a view of translating on today’s (and tomorrow’s) channels.

My job is to work with you to get to that goal.

What Is Mixing?

Mixing is balancing, so for us at Unlock Your Sound, balance is at the very forefront of every decision we make.

Much like when cooking your favourite dish, the quality of the end product is predicated on how well you balance ingredients.

A good mix is a very subjective thing, but what isn’t subjective is how we open a line of communication with you and work to your vision.

Mixed And Mastered by Unlock Your Sound (Playlist)

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When you order mixing and mastering from me, the mixing will be handled by a member of my team before being passed through me for mastering. This allows me to master the mix objectively and with a fresh perspective.

Your mix and master will always be handled separately.

Free Mix Feedback

If you’re not sure if you need mixing, mastering, or both, but you need a set of ears over something, please feel free to send it to us for a Free Mix Review. It might be a recording, a mix, or anything you need a fresh perspective on.

Not sure what you need?

We are more than happy to discuss your needs over email, Skype, or any of your preferred means.