Mixing and Mastering Services

What is Mastering?

To fully understand what mastering is, one should understand what a master is.

A production master is the copy from which all copies are derived from.

If you are using an online distributor, they will need the master(s), which they push to the various stores and platforms.

These masters can consist of simple wave files or as a single DDP master for CD replication.

Our job is to make sure those masters translate.

Mastering is a service, not a transaction

The goal of mastering is to achieve the best and most optimal production master with a view of translating on any medium.

Our job is to work with you to that goal.

What Is Mixing?

Mixing is balancing, so for us at Unlock Your Sound, balance is at the very forefront of every decision we make.

Much like when cooking your favourite dish, the quality of the end product is predicated on how well you balance ingredients.

A good mix is a very subjective thing, but what isn’t subjective is how we open a line of communication with you and work to your vision.

Mixed And Mastered by Unlock Your Sound (Playlist)

Mastered for iTunes Badge MfiT

Mastered for iTunes Certified

Unlock Your Sound Ltd is a Mastered for iTunes Certified provider.

This means we can provide masters that meet their spec and that our MfiT masters can be submitted through your label or aggregator with the MfiT badge.

Please ask us for further information about this process.

Do I Need Mixing, Mastering, or both?

If you are generally happy with the mixes you’ve already made, but not quite sure, you can use our Free Mix Feedback Service.

Then we can take care of mastering from there.

However, if you aren’t happy with how your existing mix sounds, it might be a good idea to hire someone to mix for you.

It’s very easy at times to lose perspective with our own work.

Which is why many choose to hire a professional so they can focus on being creative.

When the mix is done and you are happy with what the mix engineer has provided you, then it’s time to have that song (or songs in an album) to be optimised and mastered down to the final master files.

Ready for distribution or upload.

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When you order mixing and mastering from us, the mixing will be handled by a member of my team before being passed through to the mastering engineer. This allows them to master the mix objectively, with a fresh perspective.

Your mix and master will always be handled separately.

Free Mix Feedback

If you’re not sure if you need mixing, mastering, or both, but you need a set of ears over something, please feel free to send it to us for a Free Mix Review. It might be a recording, a mix, or anything you need a fresh perspective on.

Not sure what you need?

We are more than happy to discuss your needs over email, Skype, or any of your preferred means.