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We help artists and brands navigate the ever-evolving business of music.

And we do that in a bunch of different ways including:

  • Training
  • Consulting
  • Coaching
  • Content Writing
  • Release Strategy
  • Speaking

If you’re interested in any of the above services, click below and we’ll be in touch.


I got in touch with Christopher Carvalho after a recommendation from a very well known YouTuber. So I followed him on Social Media where he was posting daily very valuable information for up and coming artists which was very vital and a very big help for me. After I got in touch with him, we started working together. I was working on my first song for a whole year and couldn’t finish it. After I talked with Chris he immediately knew what to do and we set up a goal, suddenly I managed to produce 5 songs in just 8 weeks! So I made this EP called Pure which started my whole carer. Now 6 years later, I have over 9 million streams, signed a contract with the world’s biggest Dance Label Spinnin Records, performed at the biggest festivals here in Norway and am about to warm up for Tiesto concert in December! This is all thanks to Chris who put in so much time and energy with helping me, something I will never forget. He is a very genuine guy and very passionate about what he is doing ~ Labi

I’ve first gotten in contact in with Chris via Musosoup when my band released our first single in June 2020. Chris liked our music and included us in some playlists. Soon after, we began exchanging about music and the industry and I had some calls with Chris in which he gave me great tips and guidance for the band. He has and still is very helpful and supportive and you feel that he not only has a great knowledge in the music industry and marketing but also a genuine interest in the people he works with. Also he offers very fair and flexible solutions for all budgets and needsIf you are looking for someone to help you with your band, Chris is a great guy to go to! ~ Corrine

One of the most passionate people I have ever met ~ Adam

Chris is so knowledgable and insightful about how to cut through the noise as an independent artist ~ Tony

A super star in diy biz ~ Cheri

Very practical and useful tips and tricks from Tomas and Chris.. This will definitely help to establish a decent artist promotion structure with several social media and networking examples. Recommended! ~ Guven

Christopher has managed the release of my debut concept album in 2019. A complex story with multi-faceted messages, it was delivered with precise efficiency and human touch, through the use of multiple channels and the build-up of a small but passionate fan base. Christopher is an artist manager with an incredible passion for the music business. One of his major strengths is the ability to find the way artists can achieve their goals through thoughtful use of cross-disciplinary content creation. Christopher is an optimist, striving for creatively solving problems within the modern music industry. ~ Simone

Having worked with Chris for sometime, both directly and as part of a wider team, I find his attention to detail when training other people really remarkable. He is able to read individuals and groups accurately and adapt his teaching styles to fit them. He is an enthusiastic member of a team and is always looking to encourage positivity amongst those around him. ~ Leanne

Christopher is a highly motivated professional with an unrivaled determination to succeed. He is personable, helpful and always prompt with communication. ~ Matthew

Chris is quick to adapt to change, and often first to embrace it. He has an intuitive understanding of technology and is able to share that understanding clearly and to a broad range of audiences. ~ John

Very clear and useful tips for music marketing ~ Richella

This was an overall outstanding Internet / Social Media Marketing course… I really enjoyed it, and I think I’ll be able to apply much of what I learned. So, I’m very pleased… thank you!!! ~ Mark

What a fantastic course! These guys cover everything! I thought I was going to get the same old social media lecture everyone else and their cousin gives. Nope, I got information I have not heard anywhere else. Practical, good advice. I have so much more to consider now that I’m going to retool my approach to marketing my own music. Thanks guys, y’all rock! ~ Ben

A very useful and informative course. I would highly recommend this to all interested in the music business ~ Andrzej

I found new ways to market and brand my ideas. I’m glad I purchased this course. Marketing and promoting also understanding The Business Of Music quickly and concisely, a must if you are an indie artist ~ Johanan

Thanks a lot, sir Tomas and sir Christopher for this wonderful course, now I am fully confident about how the music business works and can now launch my career in the industry with the understanding of it. I am certain that with this knowledge of how to do music business the right way, I will be successful in it, and I will always remember that I was thought by great legends ~ Wisdom

Very helpful course for independent artists.. thank you so much ~ Saachin

Well made and good information in there. I’ve already had some courses about music distribution and still got a lot of information out of this one ~ Ulrich

I’m enjoying the course so far and have already used some of the tools suggested. His voice is easy to listen to and very clear instructions. Keep up the good work guys! ~ Debbie

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