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Christopher Carvalho – Audio Engineer and Company Director

Online Music Production Services

Our goal is to take what’s in your head, and turn it into a record!

Step 1 – Ears First

Whether you are still conceptualising your project, or have already started production, we are all ears!

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Step 2 – Planning

Once we’ve fully grasped and understood your ambitions, we structure and manage the project so you’ll know what to expect and when.

Step 3 – Production

Once the plan is set in stone, we start work. Any recording, mixing, and mastering will be scheduled and you’ll be introduced to the team.

Step 4 – Delivery

At every stage of the production process, you will have the opportunity to give feedback before you sign off on the work. Once everything has been mastered, and you are happy with what you are hearing, we will deliver the master files.

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