Free Mix Feedback

It can be hard to judge your mix objectively, especially when it’s your own production! Fortunately, getting feedback from an objective set of ears can be a huge help!

How To Get Feedback On Your Mix

My team of skilled audio engineers and I will give it a listen and provide you with a detailed and constructive review.

We’ll get back to you within 72 hours of submission.

I advise that you use to send files. You don’t need an account, it’s free, it’s and easy to use.

Simply upload the file to wetransfer, choose ‘Send As Link’, and paste the link into the contact form below. Just like in the GIF below.

Supported formats: aiff, wav, flac. No Soundcloud links.

Free Mix Feedback
How To Create A Wetransfer Link To Your Mix

By filling in the below form, you will not be added to a mailing list or anything like that. However, If you would like to join my mailer, or my Facebook Group, then by all means!

We look forward to hearing your music!

About Me

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Chris Carvalho is a Producer, Mastering Engineer, and Coach.

First Class Honours In Music Technology

Apple Certified Logic Pro 9

To learn more about me, please feel free to head over to read my story, check out my YouTube Tutorials, listen to my music, and check out my mastering portfolio playlist on Spotify.

I also do weekly Q&A streams for my Patrons over at my Patreon Page.

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Founded Early 2016, the Unlock Your Sound Music Production Discussion Group was designed as a haven for all music production groups, a place where producers and artists of all levels can feel safe sharing their opinion, opening dialogue, and simply asking questions. 

None of us are born with all this knowledge and certainly none of us have it all figured out. Music Production, like life itself, is about growth. Like any other craft, there is self-discovery, experimentation, play, and much trial and error. Let’s share these finding and discuss them with a view of growing together.