Why you should buy more music from the artists you love

Why you should buy more music from the artists you love

And why you should buy it directly from them.

Fans have paid artists $597 million using Bandcamp, and $17.5 million in the last 30 days alone.

Bandcamp.com Sunday, 11 October 2020 (BST)

It helps the artist make more music

When you buy their music, they get paid

When they get paid, they get more time to make more music. It’s economics.

When you stream their music, they don’t…really

Of course they get paid, but it’s literally penny fractions per stream after everyone else has been paid. Artists get paid last, and thus least.

You’re not renting

You might think you’re supporting them by steaming them on Spotify, but you’re doing Daniel Ek more favours than the artist.

When you buy music, you’re sending them actual cash money as opposed to hoping Spotify’s maths work out for them.

It connects you with the artist

When you buy directly, via their Bandcamp page or their own website, they know you did and it opens a line of communication between you and them.

They can keep you posted on what they’re doing and offer you even more art.

You’re contributing to a fairer music ecocomy

Cut out the middlemen.

Gigs are out...for now

And to be fair, it was never even that lucrative for the far majority of artists, after you have factored in all costs.

It’s your shortlist

When you buy, you’re more invested in them. The psychology is different. When I buy music on Bandcamp, it's permanently in my collection.

It’s good karma

We gotta sleep, right? Sleep is good. Better karma, better sleep.


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