Creative Catalogue Marketing — The Podcast

Creative Catalogue Marketing — The Podcast

We're excited to bring you this new podcast in partnership with the good people at MySphera.

Throughout this podcast we take you through strategies and techniques to help you shine light on your back-catalogue.

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Highlights and show notes

→ Old music is always new music to someone who’s acquainted with it for the first time 

→ Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” got a second life when being re-introduced on Stranger things, and picked up on TikTok!

→ Keep being creative about introducing your entire catalog

→ Look on your new releases as part of your entire curation process

→ Your Superfans are the ones to be found in your back catalog, they are the ones who’re walking a mile with you

→ Catalog Marketing is Storytelling - which is focused on the long term brand building

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    • A third of Spotify’s weekly Top Songs are now catalogue tracks — Music Ally
    • 7 Predictions for the Music Industry in 2023 —
    • “Catalog’s share of the consumption pie rose to 72.2% from 69.8% in 2021 while current music’s share fell from 30.2% to 27.8% over the same time period. Catalog total album consumption shot up 12.9% to 703.9 million while current total album consumption was up fractionally to 270.9 million.” —

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