Which is the best music distributor for independent artists?

Which is the best music distributor for independent artists?

The big 3 as I see them are Tunecore, CDBaby, and Distrokid.

But then others like LANDR threw their hat in the distro ring as well.

But which one is best?

It kinda depends on your needs.

CDBaby and Tunecore have been around for a long time.

But Distrokid came into the scene which a very enticing subscription-based offering that makes sense for frequent uploaders.

Some distros boast a whole set of features to help you admin your entire music business.

And others focus on just pushing out masters.

Some even offer features including PRO affiliation, sync, and publishing!

So it really does depend on your specific needs.

Fortunately, I made some videos to help you decide.

This video gives an overview of Tunecore and CDBaby and the extra bits they offer.

This one shows you how Tunecore works

And this one shows you how DIstrokid works.

If you want a more comprehensive comparison, be sure to bookmark this article.

Happy distributing!

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