Content Marketing Models for Musicians

Content Marketing Models for Musicians

In this article, we discuss the benefits of creating a content marketing model as a musician.

Trying to keep on top of your online platforms can feel like spinning plates.

That's why it's important to have a working model to make sense of it all.

What is a content model?

A content model is a framework in which you focus on one form of content but in such a way that allows you to repurpose that media to feed your various online channels.

What’s an example of a content model for a musician?

In this example, we discuss how Christian Prior makes a video podcast, where he interviews fellow musicians, and from there derives more content by repurposing clips into his various platforms.

At the top of the episodes, he updates his fans on upcoming shows and releases.

Then he goes on to introduce his guest before they go on to have informal discussions about life as working musicians.

Here is a clip from one of the episodes that he posted as an Instagram Reel.

Christian then goes on to post a section of the episode where he performs with his guest. He uploads these as live sessions on YouTube.

This has a lot of cross-promotion value, providing a platform to promote his friends, their music, and showcase his musicianship.

Again, the idea is that he is only ever making one piece of long-form content, then deriving more content from there by repurposing it into social media posts.

Another great example is from Herman Li of Dragonforce.

Herman Li has a Twitch channel where he does live solo sessions where he and fellow guitarists perform DragonForce solos together.

In one Twitch stream, he reacted to a video where YouTube musician Tina S covered his infamous solo from Fire In The Flames. As he is reacting to the cover, he is engaging in the chat with his Twitch community.

He then goes on to upload these streams to the DragonForce Official YouTube Channel.

"What’s the right content model for me?"

That depends! There’s no one size fits all with this. Experiment with longer forms of video content such as:

  • Video Podcasts
  • Zoom gigs
  • Livestreams
  • Behind-The-Scenes Vlogs

Then find a workflow that allows you to easily repurpose that content into shorter form pieces.

Here is a list of tools that will help you do that.

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