The BEST way to format your Bandcamp page

The BEST way to format your Bandcamp page

I love it when artist pages are formatted this way.

Not only does it take you to the latest release, but also offers merch, info about the artist, and the full discography.

It is BY FAR my favourite way to format a Bandcamp page.

Note: You need at least 3 releases on Bandcamp in order to do this.

Here are the steps:

Set Bandcamp to go to your latest release

Go to edit your profile.

Scroll to ‘Home Page’.

Then select ‘go to my latest release’.


Offer your discography at a discount

Go to profile settings.

Scroll to ‘Full Digital Discography Pricing’.

Set a discount.

Select ‘let fans pay more if they want’.


Add merch to your release

Note: This only works if you have already listed merch.

Go to edit your latest release, then scroll down to the ‘add merch’ option.

Any merch you have listed there should appear, then you can just 'add merch'.


That’s it!

Now everything is on one page. Like in the below screenshot. Lovely.

Image: Minutes to Midnight on Bandcamp

Photo by Lee Campbell on Unsplash

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