LANDR vs Real-Life Mastering Engineer — What’s the difference?

LANDR vs Real-Life Mastering Engineer — What’s the difference?

LANDR is an automated mastering tool.

A mastering engineer is a real person.

Both will give you master files.

And you might like either of them, or even both!

But there are some distinct differences especially in the service being provided.

A major difference is the fact that you can talk to a mastering engineer.

Whereas LANDR is just a tool.

LANDR can definitely be an affordable and very quick alternative to using a human.

But a human can have empathy, listen to your feedback and vision, and work with you to the desired outcome.

LANDR is a little more “you get what you’re given”

But for many that’s enough, especially if it’s just for demos or Soundcloud uploads.

This video from Will Borza does a great job of explaining the difference using a photography analogy.

And this video from Graham Cochrane of The Recording Revolution is a shootout between LANDR and pro mastering engineer Ian Shepherd.

Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash

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