30 years after the opening of the Berlin Wall, Minutes To Midnight releases After 1989 : A Trip To Freedom

30 years after the opening of the Berlin Wall, Minutes To Midnight releases After 1989 : A Trip To Freedom

Listen here: https://after1989.minutestomidnight.co.uk/

Limited Edition CD: https://music.minutestomidnight.co.uk/ 

Three decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall, it's time to tell the tale of how a young man managed to escape Germany in 1945, while his grandson made the other way round in 1991, looking for answers that he could only find in 2017.

Read about the project: https://minutestomidnight.co.uk/


The cleverly named “A Little Boy that Santa Claus Forgot on a B-29” documents the grandfather and his friend fleeing Berlin toward the end of the war, also providing a parallel narrative of the atomic bombs being dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Again, “Little Boy” comes from a place of innocence which is cleverly complimented by a toy piano and some beautiful viola playing. ~ Indie Berlin

‘Skinny Kid’ is a tender delicate number as Simone expresses emotional and harrowing themes through a bitter, icy piano and tense progressive soundscapes. ~ Indie Buddie

It is at once rock opera, gothic melancholy, family legend, and historical account, all blending together to create an album unlike any other.” ~ Rosa Nadine Xochimilco Sánchez

The impact of this is explored in ‘Unter den Linden‘ and ‘Sachsenhausen‘, the latter an acoustic filled, almost bleak sound that explores the affect of war on subsequent generations, not just those who lived through the trauma. ~ Angry Baby Music

It definitely reminds me a bit of Pink Floyd—both in the scope of the concept album but also the blues-influence that runs through the music and informs the whole thing stylistically. It seems like the kind of project that might be embraced by that same fanbase. ~ Eric Beall

It really impacted me, I listened to the entire album which is something I rarely do with submissions ~ You Haven't Heard This Music Podcast

Minutes to Midnight makes us perceive, with mastery and in all its entirety, the bitter harshness, despair and oppression of the album theme. One of the most beautiful discoveries of this early 2020. ~ Nova Music Blog

As a person who is a big fan of concept albums and music with depth, After 1989: A Trip To Freedom is more than just an album. It’s a sonic novel, each song a chapter. ~ Indie Music Discovery

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