Must-Have Devices for Session Guitarists Working From Home

Must-Have Devices for Session Guitarists Working From Home

Gigs and shows may be postponed indefinitely, but there are still ways you can jam out at home. The likes of Chris Martin and Bono have already held online concerts, and chances are that this trend is going to continue even long after the pandemic subsides.

One of the great things about being a session guitarist is that you’re able to do mix work and play, and staying at home means there’s ample time for both. Whether you’ve got an important gig coming up or just want to hone your skills, here are some must-have devices for session guitarists who are working from home.

Acoustic treatment

Whereas soundproofing blocks the level of sound that travels in and out of a room, acoustic treatment just controls the sound waves within the room. It’s also much easier to acoustically treat your room than it is to soundproof it, as you’ll need professional help for the latter. For acoustic treatment, all you need are a couple of acoustic panels that you can hang on your wall. If this is your first time getting into acoustic treatment, you can opt for softer panels as these do a better job of controlling the sound.

A microphone

Your laptop’s built-in mic won’t cut it. All the editing in the world can’t save you from a bad sound file, which is why microphones are definitely worth the investment. There are tons of different microphone types out there, but a condenser mic is your best bet to create clear-sounding audio. Condenser mics are known to have the highest frequency range out of all microphone types without being too noisy. Small diaphragm mics like Neumann’s KM 184 work great with acoustic guitars while still remaining unobtrusive.

Effects pedals

Effects pedals can help you build the optimum delays, flanges, reverbs, and more in your music. Depending on what you want to achieve, the TC Helicon Play Acoustic pedal is great for acoustic live performances, while multi-effects pedals like the Zoom G5 can deliver 22 amp and cabinet models with a whopping 123 effects. In general, choose an effects pedal that's perfect for your setup and genre. The right one should give you a polished, overall sound that'll help you better your craft.

Speakers and headphones

Investing in quality speakers and headphones allows you to really hear what your music sounds like. Powerful speakers can help in the audio mixing process, which is important for creating great recordings. When it comes to headphones, a sturdy noise-cancelling pair like the Sony WH-1000XM4 ensures you hear each and every bit of sound coming through from the rest of the band during a live performance. Wired headphones are known to offer better sound quality, so it’s best to skip on wireless picks for now.

Audio interfaces

Audio interfaces convert your music into digital signals that the computer can process. To put it frankly, it’ll be difficult to justify investing in a high-end mic or great speakers without an audio interface. Audio interfaces are also referred to as sound cards, and they come with analogue-to-digital converters as well as digital-to-analogue converters. Brands like Focusrite and Audient produce picks that are well worth your money.

When it comes to recording at home, the right tools can help you sound almost like you’re in a studio. At the end of the day, investing in quality equipment means that you don’t have to worry about editing your sound or making sure it’s coming through on the mic. You can fully focus on improving your skills and giving consistently stellar performances, even in the comfort of your own home.

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