Productivity Tips for Creators

Productivity Tips for Creators

In this article, I list my top tips for creative people to stay productive.

It’s not about hours

Clocking in more hours doesn’t mean you’re productive.

There’s a clue in the word, PRODUCTivity. If you’re not making something, you’re not being productive, you’re just being busy.

Beware of “busy”

Being busy, as already mentioned, is not being productive.

Turn off notifications

This one is huge. Turn it off. Nearly everything doesn’t need your immediate attention, it can wait.

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Step away from your desk

Again, sitting at your computer all day doesn’t mean you’re being productive.

If you’re not making anything, step away, go for a walk, go and think and come back with something to actually do.

The harder you work, the harder you need to rest

Makes sense, right? Recovery is a thing.

Get off social media

Again, get off social media. You won’t miss anything.

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