Promote Your Music on Reddit | Music Promotion SubReddits

Promote Your Music on Reddit | Music Promotion SubReddits

Reddit is the “front page of the internet”.

A great community where people tell stories, share content, and discuss all manner of things.

Reddit is also home to a strong culture of independent music lovers, but you have to be mindful when going in there to promote your own stuff.

The key is to find the right subreddits (Reddit groups) for you and your music, otherwise, you’ll come off as spammy and instantly get downvoted.

Below I have listed some music-centred Reddit communities where independent artists like you can share music.

Make sure you read the rules and guidelines for every community that you intend to post to.

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r/music is a huge sub, and possibly not the best place to start, but worth a punt all the same.


WATMM is a fabulous place for music makers to connect and learn.

They also offer specific music promotion threads outside of the main feed which I have embedded below.


Listige is an interesting concept.

It's democratic system of playlist placement based on upvoted content that gets automatically funneled into their own Spotify and Youtube playlists.


A subreddit specifically designed for new music. Post here on release.


For the indies.

A great community of independent music lovers.

More subs

Here is a post with links to various genre-based subs you can investigate:

Further reading

Here is an article from with more Reddit subs.

Happy promoting!

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