How to Rearrange Aux Tracks in Logic Pro X

How to Rearrange Aux Tracks in Logic Pro X

Sometimes we just need to reposition our aux tracks! Is that too much to ask?!

Step 1: Create Your Aux Track(s)

You've probably already done this. However, you may simply create an aux track via send or by changing the output of an existing track. In this example, I simply clicked-and-held on the button that represents Output (commonly labelled Stereo Out) and selected a bus, thus creating an Aux Track.

Aux Track
Create an Aux Track

Step 2: Create Track Headers for Aux Track(s)

This is the magic. Create a new track in your Main Window. Then ctrl/right-click on the Track Header. Then Reassign that Track Header to your Aux Track.

Select Aux Track
Ctrl-Click and select your chosen Aux Track

Step 3: Move Aux Track header in Main Window

Now you should see your Aux track in the Main Window alongside the others. Now simply click and drag and position the track accordingly.

Reposition Aux Track
Simply click and drag your Aux Track to reposition in the Main Window

Step 4: Check to see if replicated on Mixer

Open your mixer to find it has repositioned itself accordingly. Repeat for the rest of your Aux Tracks.

Mixer Window
Ta da! You've repositioned your Aux Track in the mixer.

Happy mixing!

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