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[VIDEO] How to sell music online with Tunecore

[VIDEO] How to sell music online with Tunecore

In this video, Christopher Carvalho shows you how you can sell and distribute your music to platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music using Tunecore.

How to sell your music online. Get 20% off your first distribution with TuneCore HERE.

About TuneCore

TuneCore is a music distribution and publishing administration service that provides thousands of independent artists with the tools to increase exposure and get their music heard by more people around the world, all while maintaining ownership of their music and 100 percent of

TuneCore helps artists take charge of their careers and increase their money-earning opportunities.

The company has one of the highest artist revenue-generating music catalogues in the world, earning TuneCore Artists $1.09 billion from over 108.7 billion downloads and streams since inception.

Part of Believe Digital Services, TuneCore operates as an independent company and is headquartered in Brooklyn, NY with offices in Burbank, CA,
Nashville, TN, New Orleans, LA, Atlanta, GA and Austin, TX, and global expansions in the UK, Australia, Japan, Canada and Germany. For additional information about TuneCore, please visit

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