4 ideas to incorporate into your album release campaign

4 ideas to incorporate into your album release campaign

In this article, I’ll share some creative ideas you might like to incorporate into your album or EP release campaign.

Facebook Group

This is highly underused yet very effective.

Create a Facebook Group specifically branded around the project and invite/add your core group of supporters.

You’ll find the engagement here far better than on your page and you can treat it like a middle-of-funnel fan club.

You could do some exclusives in there, perhaps premiere a video, and create events there too.

Maybe even drop the odd meme there too! The sky’s the limit.

Listening Party

Definitely consider hosting a listening party for your album release, but I would strongly advise offering it only to your core fans.

This is especially effective if you have built an email list along the way, which you should.

Then you can simply invite them to it via email blast. You’ll find people will stick around longer and engage with each other in the chat.

Digital Street Team

This is a cool concept that I picked up from Rich at Indie Music Marketing.

Essentially, this is your promo squad. Could be a handful of friends or family members who go around promoting you in exchange for beer, money, chips, whatever.

Perhaps you could give them a media kit to plaster over their socials, giving you some exposure to their friends/audience.

Get Physical

CDs, Tapes, or even Vinyl. You could get a limited press and give them out and/or offer discounts to your core audience in exchange for them taking photos of them and posting on socials. This could tie in, or be the same people as your digital street team.

Happy promoting!

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